PRAGMA Advanced Document Engineering

This is the main ConTeXt site. ConTeXt is a free high end document preparation tool. There are two ways to browse the files on this site. The first method uses simple text based HTML and uses as less bandwidth as possible.

HTML based navigation

The more attractive and informative way of browsing this site is using a PDF based navigation shell. If you want to get an idea on what ConTeXt is capable of, or if you want to get an impression on what documents we produce, this is good starting point.

showcase.pdf: PDF based navigation

Once you know your way around, you may like to use the following links:

show-man.pdf: the whole lot of ConTeXt manuals
show-pre.pdf: an overview of presentation styles
show-art.pdf: a couple of articles
show-pap.pdf: a few white papers
show-exa.pdf: examples that don't fit into other categories
show-gra.pdf: a few examples of MetaPost graphics
show-fil.pdf: links to the downloadable ConTeXt archives
show-dem.pdf: examples of interactive documents

If you want to download the full set of PDF files, you can use:

overview.htm: a list of downloadable PDF files

PRAGMA Advanced Document Engineering is specialized in automated typesetting. We assist organizations in implementing (publishing on demand) workflows based on TeX and/or XML.

roadmap.pdf: about PRAGMA ADE and ConTeXt

For more information on our activities, you can contact us at:

Ridderstraat 27
8061 GH Hasselt NL
+31 (0)38 477 53 69